13 Things Only People Who Love Cooking Will Understand

When you break your life to the lowest common denominator, one of the things you are going to be left with is food. What is the point of a fancy car, fancy home, fancy life, if you don’t enjoy food? And the only thing that comes close second to good food is a good cook. If you have a friend who cooks well, keep him/her for life.

Here is a list of twelve things that would cut through people who enjoy spending some alone time in the kitchen.

1. You find yourself cooking at most get-togethers


Even when it’s not at your place.


2.You like to keep your kitchen your way. There is a sense of organization even in clutter.



3. And you are often pissed off at your maid for re-shuffling the order.



4. When impressed with something someone else made, you find yourself second guessing the recipe


Yumm! But what did they add?


5. Even when the fridge is half empty, you can still dish out a mouth watering delight


A can of chickpeas and tomatoes is all you have? Bring it on.


6. You have an eclectic mix of restaurants that you often visit


It’s always good food over everything else for you.


7. When you’ve had a horrible day, the only way to make it better is to go back to the kitchen


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The aroma of food is equal to happiness.


8. You get really upset when people ask you to compromise on your cooking pan preferences


Pans are NOT interchangeable. Period.


9. You cook instinctively and can go without a cook book for weeks



10. But it’s not like you are perfect. Sometimes you burn or under-cook things

Only to get it right the next time.


11. Your family and friends are always curious about what is cooking in your kitchen


And they self invite themselves all the time.


12. Patience is your middle name. But only while cooking


You get impatient with bad eaters. Nothing gives you more joy than seeing someone relish the last morsel of food left in their plate.


13. You are often asked about what your secret recipe is


And only you know it’s not the ingredient but the love for food that makes all the difference.
Just add a little bit of love and it becomes finger licking good.

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