12-YO Siddharth Has Been Hired As A Data Scientist By A Hyderabad-Based Software Company

Most of us didn’t even know what career path we would be choosing upon growing up. And at a tender age of 12, it’s actually too much to ask from a kid, right? But this 12-year-old student has proved that age doesn’t matter when it comes to doing what you love the most.

Inspired by his father who also learnt cloud computing and artificial intelligence at a young age, this class 7 student from Hyderabad has been appointed as a data scientist at a software company in the city, reported NIE.

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Siddharth Srivastav Pilli, who was interested in video games learned about coding and developing games after his father encouraged him to research the subject. “I used to play a lot of games and I was very curious to know how it works. So my father told me to research on how to develop games. That is how came upon coding,” he said.

Post learning about the nuances of coding, the young data scientist developed a game. He then went on to explore more and decided upon working on data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), reported HT. According to his LinkedIn profile, he has been very passionate about coding since he was young. “I started coding with Java and currently I’m working to master Data-Science, Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence,” his bio reads.

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Pilli is currently working as a Data Scientist at Montaigne Smart Business Solutions (a software company) in Hyderabad. Pilli also credits young achiever Tanmay Bakshi for inspiring him to learn more about AI.

“My biggest inspiration for joining a software company is Tanmay Bakshi because he got a job in Google at a very young age as a developer and is helping the world understand how beautiful the Artifical Intelligence (AI) revolution is,” he said.

An avid blogger, he credits his father for all his achievements. “The person who helped me a lot to get a job at a young age is my dad, who used to show me different biographies and teach me coding. Everything I am today is because of him.” He also wrote a blog explaining ‘why kids have more intelligence than adults.’

The 12-year-old data scientist dreams of becoming an entrepreneur and work towards the welfare of society. Pilli proves testimony that where there is a will, there is always a way. More power to you, boy!

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