12 Things You Will Understand If You Are In A Long Distance Relationship

Let’s face it: Long distance relationships are difficult, at any given point in time we have either struggled with them ourselves or have seen other go through the pain!  Here are some learning for long distance lovebirds who are struggling between “Distance makes the heart grow fonder” and “Out of sight, out of mind”

1. Phone time is sacrosanct, even God will have to wait for his turn



2. Opposite sex single “friends” do not exist in your world



3. Commitment phobics beware; find a good way to avoid some really difficult conversations



4.  You will never reach work on time, thanks to the late night phone calls/facetime



5. Be prepared for that one friend who will always predict doom for your long distance relationship



6. Your love will be judged by your Facebook activity



7. The florist should be well versed with important anniversaries unless you want a breakup by phone/email!


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8. Late night fights are inevitable, and chocolate in the fridge is a must



9. Your phone charger should be your new best friend



10. Say goodbye to splurges on yourself coz you gotta save up for those surprise visits



11. You start valuing and cherishing the limited time spent together



12. In the end when you finally meet your loved one after a long time, that one hug makes the entire wait worthwhile


When two people are meant for each other, no time is too long, no distance is too far.

By Ambira Bhalla

Ambira is a Delhi girl who’s a fitness enthusiast, dancer, singer, & a complete Bollywood freak. Working as a Management Consultant for the last 5 yrs, she recently moved to Mumbai post marriage and discovered her love for cooking and writing!

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