12 Simple Ways To Piss Off An Indian

Although we Indians are cool about most things, there are certain topics and actions that can annoy the hell out of us. These ‘triggers’ are often used to tease a fellow Indian that can lead to long arguments and heated debates.

But, we can atleast laugh at ourselves. So here are 12 surefire ways to piss off an Indian.

1. Praise Pakistan during an India/Pak cricket match


What did you just say? It’s over between us.


2. Stepping on a book/paper


You’ll surely fail in your exams. Tsk, tsk…now pick it up and say sorry.


3. Comparing Mumbai with Slumdog Millionaire


You bet. It’s exactly as depicted in the movie.


4. Not removing shoes before entering a house


Oh, your shoes are so clean. Come spoil my rug.


5. Eating and serving food with left hand. Giving money with left hand.

image source



6. Claiming that Indian women are less beautiful


Which side of your face should I sucker punch?


7. Talking in Hindi to South Indians and asking why they don’t learn inspite of it being the national language

image source

Atleast get your facts right. Now move!

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8. Talk bad about Bollywood


Accha, Bollywood ain’t good enough for you. Huh!


9. Praising the Indian Government


You must be kidding right. LOL


OMG, you’re not kidding. Let’s argue.


10. Asking people from North East India, “Do you live in tree-houses?”


Also we ride rhinos to school that float on the Brahmaputra river. Trust me, true story.


11. Asking, “Where can I get beef?”


Specially in front of pure vegetarians. Holy cow!


12. Abusing Sachin Tendulkar


Even the Spartans can’t save you. Run for your life. You’ve activated “PISS LEVEL 9000”.

So what annoys you the most? Do share your thoughts and incidents.

GIFs from Gifs of Bollywood and Bollygifs. Inspired from this Quora thread.

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