10 Tweets By Rishi Kapoor That Show He Was The Father Of All Sass

Rishi Kapoor’s Twitter account has been quite the source of entertainment. Known for his witty sense of humour, he was one of the most entertaining celebrities on the social media platform.

Not only did the veteran actor of Bollywood engage his fans and audiences with tweets about his co-stars, he also responded on the controversial issues, like he did during the FTII, Radhe Maa and even the Sheena Bora murder controversy by putting up candid tweets.

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Let’s take a look at a few of his hilarious tweets from his Twitter handle:

1. When you have a handsome son who is not active on Twitter


2. Just in case you didn’t get it the first time


3. A smart tweet in a typical Rishi Kapoor style


4. Taking a dig at none other than the self-proclaimed god woman Radhe Maa

5. The best joke on Radhe Maa and FTII chairperson Gajendra Chauhan came from him

6. His sarcasm never failed to amaze us


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7. Why? Maybe to hide dark circles?


8. The truth has been spoken


9. He even tweeted about the ‘Voice of the Nation’ once

Well, what do you have to say about his witty tweets?

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10. And he tweeted this picture on his special day.

Like a good wine, he is only got better with age and never ceased to amaze us with his wit.
RIP, Sir.