100-YO Man Sells Vegetables To Support His Orphaned Grandkids, Receives Aid Online

Harbans Singh is a 100-year-old man who lives in Moga, a city in Punjab. After losing one of his sons a few years ago, he has been taking care of his two grandchildren as their mother abandoned them. His other son lives separately.

According to The Indian Express, Harbans Singh sells potatoes and onions by pulling a cart to earn his livelihood. He has been doing so for decades. A video of him pulling the heavy cart, which carries a load of approximately 200 kgs, on a sunny day went viral online recently.

“I had a son but he died 2 years ago and left 2 children behind to take care of,” he says in the video. He is concerned about the education of his grandkids.

Have a look:

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Several people online shared the video and expressed the desire to help the old man.

Soon, Punjab Chief Minister, Captain Amarinder Singh, took cognizance of the matter and promised a sum of Rs 5 lakhs as immediate financial aid to the poor man.

Khalsa Aid too will be providing him with a monthly pension.

We hope this will provide some relief to Harbans Singh’s tough life. We salute his resilience!

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