A Muslim Man Built The World’s Tallest Bamboo Durga Idol In Assam, Says ‘Art Has No Religion’.

Durga Puja has officially begun with people going out for pandal hopping and gorging on sweets. If you are a Guwahatian like me and are away from home, you would surely be missing all of the pandals you would have visited had you stayed at home this puja. Among these would be the Maligaon, Latasil and Lakhimandir puja pandals which never cease to awe us with amazing creativity.

But you can quit wallowing in self pity for a while because we are here to make you proud of Guwahati even though you are not present to wear pujar kapur (new clothes you buy for puja) and give anjali (offerings) to Durga Ma.

Guwahati has outdone itself this year with a 100-feet sculpture of the Goddess Durga complete with the Raixok (the demon, Mahishasur). The sculpture is made entirely with bamboo which makes it eco-friendly.

As reported by Deccan Chronicle, the idol is made by the Bishnupur Durga Puja Committee near Sharabhatti, under the skilled hands of Art Director, Nuruddin Ahmed, who is assisted by 40 artisans.


Talking about his art, Nuruddin Ahmed gave a very inspirational statement. He said.

“Many people ask me why I make such Idols as I am a Muslim. But I want to tell that I have been doing this work since 1975. I always think that an artist has no religion and his only religion and duty is to serve humanity.”

He further added that some 5000 bamboo poles of different kinds have been used to make the sculpture. The work on the sculpture started in August but on 17 September, the storm that struck Guwahati brought about a lot of devastation, including the destruction of this sculpture.

However, the people did not lose hope and set to work afresh to bring this idol to its complete glory. The artist aspires to enter their name into the Guinness World Record with this difficult yet commendable feat.

I am all smiles for the first time since Puja started and so proud of Assam for this achievement. But all I can think about now is, “ghor jabo mon goise!” (I want to go home!) *cries out of nostalgia*

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