Brave 10-Year-Old Boy Steers Car To Safety After Father Dies Of Cardiac Arrest While Driving

While a lot of people were enjoying a holiday on the 1st of May on the occasion of ‘Labour Day’, many in need of daily wages didn’t have the privilege of sitting at home and had to head out for work.

One of such people was Shivakumar from Tumakuru, Karnataka, who was delivering pressure cookers manufactured from an industrial estate to a shop at Huliyaru. Along with him was his 10-year-old son, who was enjoying his summer vacation, in the car giving him company.

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After driving for 97km, Shivakumar suddenly suffered from a cardiac arrest and lost consciousness while driving. His son was unable to understand what happened but had the presence of mind to take on the wheels and steer the vehicle to safety.

Grief-stricken, the child started to cry when he realised that his father had passed away.

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According to The New Indian Express, Shivakumar’s wife, Munirathnamma, hasn’t yet been informed of her deceased husband. However, his mother-in-law has claimed his mortal remains.

“He was a good man and focused on his job always. It’s unfortunate that he died at a young age leaving behind his family,” said Tejaraju, a neighbour.

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Huliyaru police sub-inspector Lakshmikanth told sources that the body is to be released after postmortem since it was a natural death. He also appreciated the 10-year-old’s quick thinking.

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If it weren’t for his presence of mind and quick thinking, the family would have lost two lives today instead of one. We wish the family strength to deal with their loss.

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