10 Sleeping Positions That Reveal A Lot About Your Relationship

How do you and your partner sleep? Your sleeping positions can actually tell you a lot about your relationship. Because during sleep your body  languages cannot be faked.
Not every couple sleeps the same, and not every couple sleeps in one of these 10 positions every night.

The funny people from Sad and Useless came up with these hilarious sleeping positions of couples that say something about the relationship and at the same time make you roll on the floor laughing.

1. Back to back touching. A position for the early months of the relationship.



2.  Allowing a bit more space in life and comfort into your beds



3. Nazzzzzzzziss. Facing away from each other and ending up like this 😀



4. Pete. Such a nice boy. I am so fond of him.



5. Pete? Are you cheating on me?



6.  I really need to talk to Pete about this.



7.  Meow. Woof. Growl.



8.  We are never going to make the same mistake again, Pete.



9. Pete, Out! And please never contact us again.



10. I miss you, Pete.


Now you know how well your relationship is going. 😛

h/t: Mandatory

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