10 Signs That Show You Are An Indravadan Sarabhai

Indravadan Sarabhai is probably one of the most popular and loved fictional characters in the Indian television history. Indu, as he’s lovingly greeted by his wife Maya, is played immaculately by Satish Shah, is a vibrant character full of life.

Are you an Indrvadan? Check these ten signs to find out now.

1. You have been a prankster since childhood


You always find creative ways to have some innocent fun. 😀


2. You are a foodie and can die for that one plate of Dahi Bhalle


All you need is love, but a little pani poori now & then doesn’t hurt.


3. You suck at keeping secrets


Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead & the remaining one is not Indravadan.


4. You love pitting your friends against each other just to have some fun


“Abe, he called you a banana eating monkey! OMG, if I were you…” 😉


5. You hate milk




6. You hide chocolates and cookies around the house


So that you can have it all by yourself.


7. You always team up in trolling your friends



8. You can crack jokes anytime, anywhere & on anyone


That spontaneous witty line, out of the blue!


9. No one can beat your sarcastic sense of humour


What’s more fun than the ability to poke fun at people without them realizing it.


10. You are mischievous as hell but still a child at heart


And that’s your best quality!

We all are Indravadans in some way or the other, the trick is not to lose that charm. “Adults are only kids grown up, anyway” ~Walt Disney

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