Here’s How 2 Dogs & 1 Cat Outsmarted A Man In A Suspense-Filled Escape Drama

It’s no secret that pets are effing adorable. Some of them are so cute, they have millions of followers on their Instagram accounts. But they’re also quite clever. Remember the smart cat who figured out how to unlock doors? If you thought that was a one-off incident though, you’re seriously underestimating the crafty creatures. Just ask New York City-based writer John Paul Brammer (@jpbrammer).

On Saturday, he had some unexpected visitors – 2 dogs and a cat he’d never seen before.

While he was still figuring out what was happening, the orange cat snuck into his home.

One mystery solved but now the question remained, how to get them safely back into their apartment?

They unlocked the door again and escaped!

The dogs kept getting out while the cat got a little too cosy in the writer’s home. After seeing these antics, many people got reminded of Goose from Captain Marvel.

He thought he’d outwitted the dogs with the help of a second door but he was wrong!

This was when things got a little crazy. Just a little bit.

If you can’t beat them, join them.

God bless the saviours!

It was too good to be true. More drama ensued.

What a rollercoaster ride that was. But can you imagine a more eventful Saturday than this? It had intrigue and comedy in equal measure.

This thread is now viral on Twitter with 73,000 likes and 18,000 retweets. While some people believe that it was ‘Homeward Bound’ reboot, others claimed that the masterminds might have had ulterior motives. You know, like robbing the place or maybe even invading it. Eventually.

I agree with the latter. It isn’t robots we should be worried about taking over the world, it’s our pets.