16 Reasons Why Ziva Dhoni Is The Internet’s Sweetheart And We Can’t Stop Gushing Over Her!

There is nothing close to the cuteness that is baby Ziva! From her adorable photo shoot, posing like daddy dearest, Mahi to her Snapchat filter game with mum, Sakshi, Ziva makes us all go ‘awwwwww’ every single time. Now, don’t get me otherwise, but the bundle of joy is so photogenic, it feels like she is made for the camera.

And while one can argue that there is still time for the little munchkin to brave the world, fame has already found her. Ziva, today, is a national sensation much like her father and is no less than a celebrity with hundreds of fan accounts and thousands of fans. Okay, yes, I’m fangirling but just look at the pictures.

No, seriously LOOK!

1.Tell me your heart didn’t make unheard noises after seeing the flower baby make the call?!

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2. And when she decided to turn into a biker chic!? *vroom vroom*

Thank you guys for an awesome photo shoot @shipraamitphoto ! You guys are the best in India !

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3. Or when she stayed home to fill in shoes, twice her size?!

She likes bigger slipper !!

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4. Is it only me, or do you see the wings on the angel too!? 


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5. You might just get diabetes after this one!

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6. I’m convinced. She is made of SUGAR!


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7. Skipped a beat? Me toooooooo!


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8. A real life princess. Ain’t she?

Clishtmasss izz commeeengg! 😇❤

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9. Look at that face from heaven! Sorry Mahi, we have a new favourite.

Happy birthday #zivadhoni by Vita Dani fans..

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10. A quick but CUTE learner. Virat will agree!


11. For God’s sake, how can monkey face look this adorable!?

Matieng montey fache wid papa 😘 Mumma iz oul teachel😇

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12. I’m so JEALOUS of Sushant right now!

Few moments !! #msdhonitheuntoldstory in #Ranchi !

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13. No seriously, Sushant!

Apppyy Bilthdaee, Tutant Untleeee! ❤😇

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14. Watch her say ‘hi’ and be careful of her heart! 


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15. ‘Maaahiii’ (I’m not crying. You’re crying!)


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16. A picture perfect family <3

Pelfect phamilee pichtel ❤😇

A photo posted by Ziva ❤ (@ziva.dhoni) on

I just survived a cute-attack. Did you make it? I hope you did! Now, let’s do this on repeat. Also, is it just genes or is Ziva a walking-talking doll?!!