What Happens After Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is round the corner and love’s in the air. Then there’s this huge build-up to the D-Day; a whole week celebrated to please the cupid. (Read money spent to woo a prospective Valentine 😉 ). But there’s a secret strongly guarded by folks who’ve already fallen prey to it: a secret about what lies beyond Feb 14th.

So let’s start out the journey with Valentine’s Week:

7th Feb – Rose Day

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The simplest and the most risk free day. What can go wrong if you present a bunch of red roses to a person you admire or have a crush on, right?


8th Feb – Propose Day

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We’ve no clue who proposed 8th Feb as propose day. If you’re going to propose on the 8th then what the hell are you going to do on 14th?


9th Feb – Chocolate Day

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This one’s pretty simple too. Girls love chocolates (unless she’s into Atkins diet). But the complexity may vary depending on your performance on Propose Day.


10th Feb – Teddy Day

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This one can be hard on the wallet. The complexity rises because of the variety of soft toys (shapes and sizes) available in the market. Moreover, if you buy a really huge teddy, you’ll be in the limelight while presenting it to your prospective Valentine.


11th Feb – Promise Day

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This is the simplest one of all. But history is witness to the fact that mugged up one liners from the Internet often leads to failure. So be original, be creative.


12th Feb – Kiss Day

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Now, if you’re already a couple, then this one’s a no brainer. But if you aren’t, calculate your performance correctly. The last thing you want is to be locked up in a cell charged with molestation.


13th Feb – Hug Day

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If you’ve survived Kiss Day already, then this one’s a cakewalk. If you’re in jail, don’t blame us.


14th Feb – Valentine’s Day

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If you’ve reached this far, congratulations. Do something interesting; roller coaster rides, skydiving, camping under the moon. Be creative.


15th Feb – Happiest Day (Ever)

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Needs no explanation. You’re in LOUVEE!


16th Feb – Miss You Day


Things start getting a bit suffocating. Words like ‘possessive’, ‘space’  etc. come into the conversation.


17th Feb – First Fight Day

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Wake up, honeymoon is over!


18th Feb – Hawa Aan Day


Also known as “Cut me some slack Day”“Don’t try to call me again Day” or “Just leave me alone Day”


19th Feb – Confession Day (It won’t work Day)


Common dialogues include, “This whole thing was a big mistake”, “It’s not your fault, it’s my fault”, “I’m not good enough for you”, “You deserve much better”


20th Feb – Break Up Day


Shit happens.


21st Feb onward – Forever Alone Days Begin

Q: “Don’t worry, you still have friends, right?”

A: “All my friends left while I was chasing that idiot”

Q: “Ok, I’ve some work to do. Bye”

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Now that you know the secret behind Valentine’s Day, we wish you a very happy Valentine’s Week. May the force be with you.

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