Meet The Emma Watson Look Alike, Who Has Literally Taken The Internet By Storm!

A study in 2015 concluded that there are at least 7 people in this world who look exactly like you. Now, there are 7 billion people in the world and finding any one of those 7 is like finding a needle in a haystack.

But when you are a celebrity and a known face in the entire world, there is a 100% possibility to spot your doppelganger. And the internet has done this task for Emma Watson!

Meet Kari Lewis, she works at a video rental store in Indianapolis and looks strikingly similar to Hollywood’s Belle – Emma Watson! The 27-year-old has 8,000 followers on Instagram and often gets mistaken for Emma. Look at these pictures to believe – 

1. Here’s Kari, spectacularly nailing the art of being Hermione!

Here's the full outfit. 😊 I'm also wearing stocking and black dress shoes, but it's kind of tricky trying to fit it all in one picture right now. ☇

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2. Those expressions on point!

Ignore my nails, but here's another photo from the cosplay practice shoot I did the other day.

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3. The stunning Belle!

Let's try this: a better pic of my boots. @sek1128

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4. She can sing like Emma too! Isn’t that weirdly awesome?

I did a thing. 😂🎶🎬

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5. Would you look at that uncanny resemblance?


6. Kari…Emma is going to be proud of that twirl!

Just giving a little twirl. 🙊🙉🙈 @meowthekittykat

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7. That look!

A bit dolled up.

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8. Emma or Kari? Wait, I’m confused!

I'm finally enjoying the outdoors!

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9. I mean, I have to hand it to her. Clothes on point too!

When the 10th Doctor meets Hermione.. 😂

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10. I can’t even…

This was requested by @emmawatsonlookalikes. #emmawatsonlookalike #celebritydoppelganger #abitsimilar

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If one day she comes and stands before, I am gonna freak out. Seriously Kari, this is unbelievable.